Kimberley Cruises 2019

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If you’re planning on making 2019 a year to remember, then booking in for one of our Kimberley cruises in 2019 is a sure way to guarantee this.

Depending on your preferences, we have different options available, including 7 night, 10 night and 12/13 night Kimberley cruises. Otherwise, if you’d like to book out the entire boat (for up to 12 guests in total), then our great value exclusive charters may be the ideal option for you.

We have a variety of activities and itinerary options for our Kimberley cruises in 2019, which can be customised according to our guests’ preferences. For example, our fishing charters are extremely popular, and can be incorporated into one of our Kimberley Coast cruise packages.

Otherwise, you can book out the entire boat and explore some of the best fishing in the world, including the opportunity to catch the elusive and highly-sought after barramundi!

Another highlight you’ll look forward to enjoying is the delicious chef-prepared meals and food aboard the Kimberley Pearl, featuring fresh seafood and produce gathered on a daily basis. This includes sumptuous cooked breakfasts, fresh fruit salads, and a variety of seafood including the catch of the day, fresh oysters or locally-caught mud crabs.

There are various events and attractions on in the Kimberley throughout the year. You can plan your Kimberley cruise to coincide with some of these incredible experiences. For example, Staircase to the Moon is a world-famous natural phenomenon which occurs annual between March and November when the moon rises over the mudflats at low tide, creating the illusion of a staircase to the moon.

Other popular annual events include the Broome Races, a 12 week period between June to August, and Shinju Matsuri, the Festival of the Pearl, which celebrates the diverse heritage of the Kimberley region and its local Aboriginal community with Asian and European culture.

If you’d like to read some feedback about our Kimberley cruises for 2019 from our previous guests, then check out our Kimberley cruise reviews with some fabulous photos capturing some of the unforgettable memories made.

Join a Group Charter

  • Scenic flight transfers from Broome to Cygnet Bay and return
  • Experienced crew & trained chef
  • All meals included
  • All guided excursions from the boat
  • Fishing equipment included
Low as
$900per person/per night

Or Book an Exclusive Charter

To Charter the Kimberley Pearl exclusively for up to 12 guests.


per night

Availability Dates 2019

Charter Status Start Date End Date Nights
Cygnet Bay to Cygnet Bay return Broome Currently on tour Saturday, 28th September 2019 Saturday 5th October, 2019 7 nights

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