Kimberley Pearl Charters boasts exposure to a wide range of Pelagic and Benthic fish species. Whether you're interested in hand lines or rod fishing, our staff can help.

The Kimberley has a diverse mix of Flora and Fauna found in a variety of landscapes. Bushwalking is truly breathtaking and you'll be amazed at what awaits you around the corner....

The first Australians entered this continent some 40,000 years ago. Their footprint is discretely hidden in the numerous caverns, overhangs and waterways that make up the Kimberley. .

Brilliant, incredible, amazing and breathtaking. They're all different and will leave you with lasting memories....

The Kimberley landscape hosts some of Australia's oldest known rock features. It was once covered in a vast ocean, then glaciers and later tropical rainforest, of which small pockets still exist.

The giants of the ocean gather in Kimberley waters to rear their young. Crocodiles, the most prehistoric of them all, guard the Kimberley shores and river systems. Close proximity to the Continental Shelf has created immense biodiversity and an abundance of fish, crustaceans, and sponges.

Images of the Kimberley Pearl and its tenders operating in the heart of the Kimberley. Inspect the interior layouts, its spacious exteriors and the additional features available to you.

Delightful images of delicious meals served by our Chefs aboard. Meals can include produce from the region, freshly caught that day. 

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