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Travel Insurance.

We strongly recommend at time of booking guests take out comprehensive travel insurance, including medical, emergency evacuation and cancellation cover.  All travel insurance details are to be provided on the Kimberley Pearl Charters Booking Forms prior to departure, for those who choose to travel without will be required to sign “Refusal of Travel Insurance Declaration.”


Kimberley Pearl Charters will undertake due care and will advise of safety precautions throughout the cruise to the best of our ability, however it is expected passengers are aware due to the conditions and remoteness of the Kimberley region a passenger(s) may experience physical discomfort when partaking in the range of activities available to guests. 

 All passengers must declare a full understanding of the nature of the cruise and the range of activities available to the discretion of each guest and agrees to Kimberley Pearl Charters:

  • That they will effect sufficient travel insurance
  • That they have disclosed any physical or mental conditions requiring special attention
  • That they accept the risk they may suffer from seasickness