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What To Bring

Clothing and What to Bring: Due to the climate and nature of cruising activities, clothing is generally light weight, loose fitting, sun smart and made of natural fibre.

As we wish to promote a relaxed and casual atmosphere evening wear tends to be smart casual.

Sturdy comfortable walking shoes (not boots) are required and amphibious type shoes are recommended.  Crew will generally be barefoot on board so we promote guests to join us in the freedom.   Should you prefer you are welcome to wear non-heeled, non-slip shoes on board.

Please be aware the during the dry season temperatures may fall to between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius so a jumper or jacket that may be used for early morning excursions or for enjoying the evening outdoors is recommended.

A water and wind proof jacket is also recommended.

Please provide your own toiletries.  Spares are available where required.

Both bathroom and beach towels are provided.

Sunscreen and insect repellents are provided on board however if you have a brand preference we suggest you include them in your luggage.

A hat and sunglasses is essential and we recommend a spare of each included in your luggage.  Light weight fishing gloves are also recommended.

All cabins are fitted with a power point and USB points for charging cameras, phones & GoPros

Don’t forget your camera!

Luggage Restrictions:  As all guests will be transferring to the Kimberley Pearl via coach transfers we request that weight restrictions on luggage apply, maximum 10kg per person, and due to stowage availability on board the vessel we request that no hard cases are used to carry your luggage.

Travel Insurance:  Kimberley Pearl Charters requires all guests to obtain and provide travel insurance details prior to departure.

Alcohol:  The Kimberley Pearl is not licensed for alcohol sales and as such guests are required to supply their own alcohol. Guests will be provided with an alcohol order form from our local bottleshop in Broome. The form will need to be completed and returned to Kimberley Pearl Charters to be sent to the bottleshop. All orders will be picked and transported to Cygnet Bay to be loaded onto the vessel ready for your arrival!

Water:  The Kimberley Pearl makes her own water with the use of a desalination plant.  Our water is safe for drinking, showering etc., and we also have a filtered water chiller for those who prefer a colder drop.  As part of the desalination process all minerals and salts are removed from the water supply, as such if you are prone to muscle cramps we suggest you provide your own magnesium or salt replenishment supplements.  Water on board is a precious commodity and the desalination plant is only operational at optimum capacity in clean water environments, as such we request that all guests participate in using water wisely and minimise wastage.

Linen and Laundry:  The crew of Kimberley Pearl will service each cabin with a change of bed linen approximately every 7 days.  As mentioned above the use of water is strictly managed and as such we ask guests to hang their bath towels after use in order to minimise the need for excessive use of the washing machine.  Should you require laundering of personal clothing our friendly staff are only too happy to assist. An iron is on board for use if required.

Level of Fitness:  Kimberley Pearl Charters provide guests with the opportunity to engage in Kimberley wilderness adventures at various levels, however moderate level of mobility is required for guests to be able to board and disembark the tenders.  The tenders are the primary mode of transport for intimately exploring the wonders of the Kimberley, transferring guests to and from shore, and fishing and as such will be an integral part of your experience.  Please contact Kimberley Pearl Charters for further information, to discuss options and/or implement suitable arrangements.

Use of Tenders:  The Kimberley Pearl has 3 tenders which are the keys to unlocking the secrets of the Kimberley for our guests.  Each tender seats 6 passengers including the operator, is registered and meets all survey and safety requirements as required under Western Australian Law.  In order to comply with State and Commonwealth Regulations tenders are to be operated by Kimberley Pearl crew only.

 Activities and Excursion:  The Kimberley region of Western Australia is remarkably beautiful, incredibly diverse and exhilarating area to explore.  Guests travelling on the Kimberley Pearl will have the opportunity to swim in picture perfect water holes and streams, view the ancient and extraordinary indigenous rock art peppering the land, be informed of the cultural, geological and ecological history of the area, hike through stunning and diverse tracts of land, learn of the flora and fauna they encounter on each foray and much more.   Our crew are  passionate Kimberley dwellers keen to share their knowledge and skills  with guests.

 Fishing:  The thrill of the Barramundi chase attracts many visitors to the Kimberley region and onto the Kimberley Pearl.  Other species that are likely to be encountered include Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon, Bluenose Salmon, Saddletail Perch, Fingermark Perch, Queen Fish, Spangled Emperors and Mackerel - amongst many others.  If the opportunity arises guests may also join the search for the coveted Green and Brown Mud Crabs for our chef to prepare a delicious and finger licking entrée.  Our crew will ensure fishing excursions suit any level of fishing proficiency including first time anglers.  Quality rods, reels, line and lures are provided aboard.  Keen fishers are welcome to bring their own equipment however Kimberley Pearl Charters will not be liable for any loss or damage.  6-12kg bait casting outfits are suggested.