Kimberley Coast Cruises

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7 Night Kimberley Cruises

Our 7 Night Kimberley Cruises are our most popular itinerary, allowing you to enjoy the best of the Kimberley coastline.

Some of the itinerary highlights you can look forward to on our 7 night Kimberley cruises include exploring Dugong Bay, one of the most pristine and spectacular parts of the Kimberley Coastline, taking in the beautiful scenery and bird life found along White Belly Creek whilst trying your hand at catching mud crabs, Barramundi and other delicious local Kimberley region seafood for dinner, and spending the afternoon experiencing the Horizontal Falls or looking for wildlife and exploring Talbot Bay.

10 Night Kimberley Cruises

Our 10 Night Kimberley Cruises will be a new itinerary for our 2021 season!

A real pearler of an itinerary! Highlights include viewing of the world-famous Horizontal Falls and experiencing the incredible Montgomery Reef, exploring tributaries in Price Regent River and enjoying the day at King Cascade, discovering Bigge Island and viewing amazing rock art, eating freshly caught mud crabs from the Mitchell River and visiting Surveyors Pool.

11 Night Kimberley Cruises

Our 11 Night Kimberley Cruises allow you to lose yourself while exploring the natural wonders of the rivers and incredible Kimberley coastline.

Some of the most popular itinerary highlights include wildlife spotting and fishing while discovering the world-famous Horizontal Falls, fishing for the elusive Barramundi in the St George Basin and enjoying your catch of the day being cooked for dinner by our onboard chef, and venturing out to Camden Sound, a stunning marine park where you can often spot humpback whales and their calves during whale spotting season. As with all of our cruise options, our 10 night Kimberley cruises will delight your taste buds and your sense of adventure, as our chef and crew will ensure you are very well catered for with amazing food and Kimberley cruising experiences.

13 Night Kimberley Cruises

Booking one of our 13 Night Kimberley Cruises means you will be able to truly immerse yourself in the very best of what the Kimberley has to offer!

Just a few of the highlights you can look forward to include visiting Western Australia’s highest twin waterfalls, the breathtakingly beautiful King George Falls, sightseeing at the DC3 plane wreck, nature spotting in the Eclipse Archipelago, and spending the day fishing or admiring the beautiful turquoise waters of Talbot Bay.

If you prefer to sit back and admire the scenery, you can also soak up the serenity of the awe-inspiring Montgomery Islands with their natural tidal beauty and spectacular array of marine life.

Please note that all itinerary options are scheduled based on and around a full moon spring tide and can also be customised for exclusive group charter bookings.

If you’d like read more about the different itinerary highlights our guests have enjoyed, then you can also read review on our Facebook page and on our Kimberley Cruise reviews page.

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