Staircase to the Moon

Staircase to the Moon is a spectacular natural phenomenon which occurs every year between March and November along the Kimberley and Pilbara coastlines. Spectators are treated to a mesmerising optical illusion which takes place when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats at low tide, creating the appearance of a stairway leading up to the moon.  Enjoy viewing this natural phenomenon from either The Mangrove Hotel or Town Beach whilst you browse the night markets.

staircase to the moon kimberley coast 2019 dates

Staircase to the Moon 2021 Dates and Times

MARCH 2021APRIL 2021MAY 2021
Monday 29th March 18.32Tuesday 27th April 17.50Thursday 27th May 18.13
Tuesday 30th March 19.16Wednesday 28th April 18.40Friday 28th May 19:15
Wednesday 31st March 20.03Thursday 29th April 19.34Saturday 29th May 20:19
Friday 25th June 17.58Saturday 24th July 17.47Monday 23rd August 18.30Tuesday 21st September 18.06
Saturday 26th June 19.03Sunday 25th July 18.49Tuesday 24th August 19.24Wednesday 22nd September 18.56
Sunday 27th June 20.06Monday 26th July 19.48Wednesday 25th August 20.15Thursday 23rd September 19.46
Thursday 21st October 18.29Saturday 20th November 18.57
Friday 22nd October 19.19Sunday 21st November 19.49
Saturday 23rd October 20.10Monday 22nd November 20.41

staircase to the moon kimberley coast 2019 dates

Staircase to the Moon 2022 Dates and Times

MARCH 2022APRIL 2022MAY 2022
Saturday 19th 6.55pmSunday 17th 6.09pmTuesday 17th 6.27pm
Sunday 20th 7.34pmMonday 18th 6.55pmWednesday 18th 7.28pm
Monday 21st 8.16pmTuesday 19th 7.45pmThursday 19th 8.33pm
JUNE 2022JULY 2022AUGUST 2022
Wednesday 15th 6.13pmThursday 14th 6.07pmFriday 12th 5.58pm
Thursday 16th 7.21pmFriday 15th 7.15pmSaturday 13th 7.01pm
Friday 17th 8.29pmSaturday 16th 8.19pmSunday 14th 8.00pm
Sunday 11th 6.40pmMonday 10th 6.17pmWednesday 9th 6.50pm
Monday 12th 7.36pmTuesday 11th 7.11pmThursday 10th 7.45pm
Tuesday 13th 8.30pmWednesday 12th 8.06pmFriday 11th 8.40pm

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